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My favorite books of all time!

01 Agent of Change

     Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

02 Dragon Riders of Pern

     Anne McCaffrey

03 Shards of Honor

     Lois McMaster Bujold

04 The Light in Exile

     Cheryl J. Franklin

05 Conqueror's Heritage

     Timothy Zahn

06 Chalion

     Lois McMaster Bujold

07 Plan B

     Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

08 For Kicks

     Dick Francis

09 Icarus Hunt

     Timothy Zahn

10 The Tar-aiym Krang

     Alan Dean Foster 

What I'm Reading


Heritage of Power

Lindsay Buroker 

I spent sixty years working with horses in between being a wife, a mom, and having different non-equine careers (had to pay for the horses) until finally I could devote my full-time attention to them. Raising, training, and competing on various breeds in multiple disciplines, I consider myself a jack of all horse venues, master of none.

I’ve traveled the US hauling a horse trailer with my one horse on the left side of the two-horse divider, the household furnishings on the right side, and the fishing boat tied to the top. My family moved to Texas from Colorado with my barrel horse and my son’s pinto pony in that same trailer and my daughter’s white Shetland poking her nose at the traffic through the stock racks of the pickup. And I’ve hauled a nine-horse trailer with living quarters over the mountains and across the plains or desert to wherever a horse show could be found.

In Wyoming, I raised Appaloosas and went on cattle drives. In Colorado, I road quarter horses to barrel race and Gymkhana. In Texas, I exercised polo ponies and trained parade Palomino Walking Horses. Tennessee and California saw me compete in Eventing. I’ve ridden trails all over the west on everything from a Thoroughbred to a Draft Horse to a Mule. And when we finally settled in Utah, I not only competed in Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, Polocross, and Combined Driving, I developed the Pegasus Event Center which has hosted competitions in all the above venues, and still does.

However, I learned the most about horses from managing the Pegasus herd for over twenty years, at one time numbering 145 horses. They were competitive horses of every breed, from mustangs to miniatures to a $65,000 Lusitano. Every horse had a unique personality and was willing to teach something if a human would but listen.

To share my wonder and love of this extraordinary species—the horse—I  created Lillith and her world of the future: the Lillith chronicles. On the planet Gareeth, telepathic winged horses, the reeth, are intelligent, loving, and infinitely tolerant. They dote on their human-like mind-mates, the don, helping maintain tempers, sharing hopes and dreams, and devoting their lives to support don endeavors. As a horse woman, I would love to have a reeth at my side.

Once my main character Lillith got ahold of me, she has not let me go. She demands that I share my horse knowledge in my stories through her, her friends, and her family.

Currently, I live in Ecuador with my husband where I spend every day reading, writing, or riding, or any combination of the three.

My favorites 2019

01 Shock Wave

     Lindsay Buroker

02 Speak

     jMary O. Paddock

03 Ship of Ruin

     Lindsay Buroker

04 Alanna

     Tamora Pierce

05 Oath Breaker

     Aaron Hodges

06 The Sparks

     Kyle Prue

07 The Body Guard

     Alison Bruce

08 The Black Egg

     James E. Wisher

09 Black Candle

     H.P. Bayne

10 The Eden Paradon

     Barry Kirwan