Humans arrived uninvited centuries ago.

Their warlike nature threatened our mind-melded native species.

We chose to wipe their memories of us and retire to a peaceful existence out of their sight and minds. 

Now, their descendants thrive while our civilization crumbles. And my mind-mate, our rightful heir, refuses to accept his responsibilities and guide us out of our decaying situation.

We must ask humans for help… so I’m going to force him into making contact and taking action.   Read More

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Our history tells us the human colonizers are warlike and domineering.

But after we hid from them, they thrived while we are decaying.

Is it time for us Reeth to start a new chapter of history?

Joedon and I must overcome all odds or risk losing our species to extinction.

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Garador is a lush planet filled with thriving Earth colonists, including My Lord and his family, for whom I'm responsible.

Then, My Lord's daughter/heir is kidnapped the night before her wedding and our hunt lead us to discover what we thought were mythical beings with unbelievable psychic powers. They're claiming our world as their own!

Why have have they revealed themselves now? Will we survive the encounter?

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About the Author



I absolutely hate Supreme Don Joedon and that white reeth-witch Lillith.


They’re leading us down the wrong path. They want to use human researchers to solve the medical problem threatening our species with extinction. And evidently, help with all our problems!

Those violent beings didn’t help us before when they invaded our world. In fact, they tried to make us their slaves! Us and the oh-so-haughty-reeth.

Whatever it takes, I’ll do it to stop them!

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