The core novels of the Lillith Chronicles brought the three sentient species of Gareeth into a working amalgamation, creating changes in the lives of reeth, don, and humans on Gareeth.

YON, first of the REETH series, starts their search for historical answers while revealing new sentient species the first three were unaware of.

You will enjoy YON more if you are already acquainted with the world and residents of Gareeth as presented in the core novels:





YON, noun sing or plural, male reeth or husband

Book 7 of the 14  book Lillith Chronicle series.

At first, LILLYON relishes the lull after reeth ended their centuries-long retreat from humans. Then, a family member is shot, children are kidnapped, a close friend is murdered, and war breaks out. He is yanked out of retirement and forced to re-evaluate his training as well as his life-goals.

While former bachelor MEMMYON learns to deal with wife and son during the upheaval of local politics, he's plunged into investigation of murder, an encounter with a highly intelligent alien, and a hazardous trek to a new continent.

LILLAIR wallowed in depression until his brother and sister-in-law tricked him into an unconventional business partnership that reinvigorated him. As they seek new markets, he and his partner encounter vicious assailants apparently intent on killing off all species but their own. The pair pursues the aggressors, discovering a mixed bag of new friends and enemies.

MARRAIR, mind-mated with the precocious young daughter of the Supreme Don, participates with her in a human study of the don-reeth mind-meld. A stupid move on one researcher's part causes Marrair to refuse further involvement. But, the filly he's fallen in love with works within that same lab and his courtship takes a turn for the worst.

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