Book 4 of the 14 book Lillith Chronicles Series.

Not only does Pildon object to everything relating to the human colonists on Gareeth, he hates Joedon, the Supreme Don.


This hatred, along with jealousy, despair, and his own misinformed understanding of his people’s history with the intruders lead him to oppose all attempts at reconciliation. Failed political speeches, peaceful dissents, and boycotts of necessary events slowly push him toward desperate violence to stop the “killer” humans from wiping out everything he loves.


Meanwhile, Lillith attempts to establish a working arrangement with the wide-spread human cities by openly revealing reeth/don existence. And, secretly recruits a brilliant human medical researcher with his team to develop a solution to the most guarded enigma leading her society toward extinction.

Not all don agree with her, like Pildon who hates her, too. Nor are all humans as willing as the doctors to unite their cause to hers. One human in particular decides he wants to control the entire world.

Revelations is a saga of native species on another world struggling to live with invading humans without killing each other. Like Cherryh’s Bren Cameron, Foster’s Truyzenzuzex, Zahn’s Thrr-gilag, and McCaffery’s Todd, Lillith breaks every rule and uses everything she can to secure her world’s peace.

Readers have said.

"I love reading a story that lets you hear the voices of different characters, Carol Buhler does that quite well in her series. Love them all, if you have read Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey you will also love Carol Buhler."

"I enjoyed Buhler's first book so much that I read all three in quick succession. This one was a bit easier since I already had the background and introduction to the main characters. The story line held my attention and I didn't want to put it down! Hope she never stops writing."

"I find Carols [sic] books interesting, easy to read. I've never read fantasy books before so I look forward to more."

"It is important to the Don to mind-meld with the Reeth. The sooner the meld takes place, the more that can be accomplished. PilDon has the desire and lineage to become the next leader or the Supreme Don, but he never melds with a Reeth and his father is very disappointed in him. Pildon becomes disgruntled and wants his way, no matter the price of followers and power. He gives up trying to please his father, but then his parents die and with them, the dream of becoming anything more than the leader of his clan. He becomes a very angry man over the way his life has turned."

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