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Book 13 of the 14  book Lillith Chronicle series.

Readers have said:

"For the most part this is a thriller about the rise of a dark force on Garador, an earthlike planet. A planet that also is home to a flying horse sentient race, which so reminds me of Pegasus of old Greek mythology.
"But a fantasy this is not.
"Instead it is the harrowing story of an all too human and flawed protagonist in Laird, who as a boy, had to learn how to scrounge and hustle for survival of his small family consisting of his brother and mother.
"And when his mother died, his is [sic] the scramble to find help so his brother might be taken care of.
"And we discover what else eventually happens to this young boy.
"It is incredible to witness at the same time the visage of a growing evil on Garador, the corruption at the heart of it, that will eventually threaten the lifes of all on Garador. Sobering indeed.
"In Pepper Carol Buhler is the master of understated horror as the story of Laird unfolds. I was fascinated, caught up in the flow of high drama, awed by the simple prose used to grow a developing horror of what you as reader, can see coming about.

"The characterization of all the characters are well done, almost in a similar understated way. But these characters will stay in your mind as if starkly engraved."

"This is the back story of Firth's dark and enigmatic henchman, Pepper. Dark haired Laird and his big, blond, younger brother, Byron, are street waifs. Inventive and smart petty thieves, they thrive, adopting the monikers Pepper and Salt. Loyal, and extremely talented, Laird is driven by events to protect and avenge those he loves. Thus, Pepper evolves, as lethal, solitary and silent as the blades he loves.

"I really enjoyed this story. Thought provoking. Pepper can be read as a stand alone. However the role of other characters is best appreciated if you have read the first four core books [of the Lillith Chronicles]."

"Great book, I enjoyed reading it! It reads like a Victorian except with multiple alien races and a tech that is just disjointed enough from our own to transport you to the far away world of Gareeth. Pepper seemed the classic Greek tragic hero. No romance was a huge plus for me too!

"This book struck a good balance between showing the horror and situations that pushed the boy Laird into becoming the man Pepper... 

"If you have read other books in the Lillith Chronicles, Pepper provides added depth and back story. If you are new to this universe, you will have to pick up a bit about the other two races, the reeth and don from context, but they came in later in the book and enough information is given that is is an enjoyable story that can be read independently and will whet your appetite for more books set in this unique world."

"Another great addition to the Lillith Chronicles! This gives some more insight to the past, has great character building and a story that draws you in. Highly recommend!"

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