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The core novels of the Lillith Chronicles brought the three sentient species of Gareeth into a working amalgamation, creating changes in the lives of reeth, don, and humans on Gareeth.

MAR, second of the REETH trilogy, continues the search started in YON for historical answers while revealing new strengths and weaknesses of the planet's amalgamation effort.

You will enjoy MAR more if you are already acquainted with the world and residents of Gareeth as presented in the main novels and YON.

MAR, (n., plural), MARE (n., singular)

Adult female reeth or wife

Book 8 of the 14  book Lillith Chronicle series.

In an attempt to search a huge new continent for a missing species obviously forced out of their homes by intense volcanic activity, LILLITH leads her group straight inward, following the river that opens onto their initial landing point. Before the older members of her team succumb to the environment, she is called home by a major new threat from humans.

SISSITH leads her group in a northeast direction where the youngsters of their search party find much to get into. One is almost swallowed by an alligator, another is snatched by a boa constrictor, and her mind-mate's young son comes down with a mysterious mind fever.

BELLE (Bellith) heads south along the coast, and then turns inward where her fully-adult companions are challenged by the terrain to the max of their abilities. And when the others return to the home continent, she leads the next group of explorers around the southern tip to discover an ancient civilization.

POLLITY returns to the islands between the two continents to serve as the communication relay between her three friends and their home. Her role isn't without peril as she attempts to learn more of the peoples of the islands: some are happy to share, other's not.

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