Lillith accepts the meld between herself, a middle-aged but uniquely white reeth mare, and Joldon, the new-born Supreme Don heir.  Problems develop requiring her to trick her beloved mind-mate into contacting the hated humans for help. This novella leads directly into the dangerous actions of Emergence and their consequences.

400 years ago, humans landed on their world and immediately started wars. The telepathic natives went into hiding. But now, the don and reeth need help that  only humans can provide. How will they respond? Will anyone survive kidnappings, treason charges, attempted murders, and strange new connections between natives and humans?

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Re Lillith: This is a wonderful introduction to a fantasy world of winged horses, telepathic communication, and inter-species relationship that keeps you on your toes and anxious for more. Richard E

Re Emergence: I enjoyed the interaction between the Dons, the Reeth, and the humans. Mistrust and segregation have long been a part of society as we know it, and I found this story to reflect those thoughts. I enjoyed how the author found ways to overcome those prejudices. Ann Topham

Re The Lillith Chronicles Series. Anyone who has owned a pet, trained or researched animals knows of a special bond that can form between animals and humans. “Lillith” takes this bond a step farther, to a telepathic life bond and communication between beings, a bit of “Star Trek” meets “Avatar”. Carol Buhler has created a world where winged horses known as “Reeths” and their Humanoid partners, known as “Dons”, form telepathic bonds where they are able to communicate clearly and engage in dialog. These bonds are for life, and if a Don dies, their Reeth partner dies as well.

Lillith is one such Reeth, but is called to this bond late in life, which is unusual. Even more unusual, she is able to communicate not just with her bonded partner Joldon [as a child, Joedon as an adult], as is the norm, but with everyone, a very rare occurrence. And as her partner is a member of the ruling clan, she is elevated in stature among her own kind.

The story [Lillith] develops from that bonding, of the challenges faced by Joldons’ growing to manhood, of love and loss, the drama and intrigue of ruling, drawing the reader into the world that Ms. Buhler has woven around her characters. Robert Herkes

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