Book 1 of the 14 book Lillith Chronicles Series.

Lillith, middle-aged wife, mother, and ordinary house-mare, is caught by the mind-meld summons of the newborn Supreme Don heir. "I'm too old," she wails to her husband as she wings her way frantically to the baby's side, accepting an unbreakable lifetime connection. And to her shock, she quickly develops extraordinary psychic powers not seen among her species in years. Then, much later, she must turn those powers against her mind-mate to save their people.

The novella LILLITH introduces an unusual pair, their dilemma, and Lillith's plan to save them all. The world is Garador, earth-like in many ways. The year is 1214 after the first mind-meld.


The first three chapters of EMERGENCE, Book 2 of the series, are also included with this download.

Readers have said:


“Garador is an interesting planet as it has three sentient species living on it...the Reeth, almost straight out of a fairy tale, looking like the Greek Pegasus...are the very special sentient population on Garador for their telepathy, their sturdy, unequivocal unity of thought that seems to ballance [sic] the minds of the other races to ensure peace and harmony.”


“The main idea of the story is the relationships between members of these different species, the trials, the joys, the lives they live in close connection with one another... Some super powers thrown in for good measure.”


"I've always loved stories about humans and non-humans partnering together, and the Don and Reeth mind-bond pairing is a great one. Both are highly intelligent, with mental gifts that humans don't have. This is the first of a great series, I highly recommend them, especially if you love horses!"


“I had a good time reading this fantasy and I enjoyed that the main narrator is a winged mare - who is also telepathic.”

"For centuries, the differing races lived on the planet, with the humans completely unaware of the existence of anyone other than themselves living there. It seemed to work well for the natives, however as time passed, the human culture evolved and changed. Also during that time the natives slowly began to die out, their populations stagnating and not being replaced by new births. If such a trend were to continue, what would happen to the natives who depend on their bonded partners? Can they survive such changes, and what can be done to reverse what is happening?
"Is it time to once again give the humans a chance to show that they have changed? And have they truly changed or have they merely survived whatever is preventing the native population from having children and continuing on?
"I found this to be a very interesting story in a completely original world created by the author. I had a difficult time putting this story book down at night as I really wanted to know what was going to happen next in this multigenerational tale. Ms. Buhler has done a fantastic job in creating a very unique world and populated it with a just as unique people.
"The problems faced by those races are ones that make sense in the context of the story. After all, when one people cut themselves off from everyone else, eventually they will stagnate and stop moving forward. And when that happens, there will inevitably be a lot of problems that must be dealt with if they are to have any chance of survival.
"I believe this book will appeal to readers of all ages. It may be geared more towards Young Adult readers, but the story is well enough written that anyone should be able to enjoy it. It was the first book in an existing series and I do plan on continuing on to read more of this series in the future. It has certainly caught my interest and I can’t help but want to know both what will happen next as well as whether or not the native species can find a way to solve their childbirth problems, as well as whether or not they can learn to live with and trust the humans living on their planet once again."

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