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Book 12 of the 14 book Lillith Chronicles series.

Claire, a human child adopted at 10 by the Wee don family after her mother’s murder, struggles with maturing at a different rate than her adopted sister.


Determined to investigate and understand the differences between don and humans, she enrolls in health science classes at the University. Also determined to pay her own way, she takes employment with Dr. Isol James, and repeatedly comes to verbal blows over his stubborn refusal to investigate alternative treatments for his mother’s diabetes.

They’ve each met their match in the other—and Isol’s mother’s health hangs in the balance.

Lareina runs parallel to other developments in Lillith's world. It is fantasy adventure for young adult and adult readers. Best enjoyed if a reader is acquainted with the world and residents of Gareeth.

Readers have said:

"This story is near and dear to the hearts of many. Diabetes is a terrible disease and often times life threatening. Long term diabetics can loose feeling in their extremities, loose kidney function, loose eyesight, to name just a few. Having family members who suffer from this malady, the author and I both hope there is a cure just around the corner.

As the humans suffer from these diseased [sic], the Don do not have that problem. Could studying the Don give a clue into finding a cure? Is it the Lareina juice they drink, or is it an immune system the Don have that keep them disease free?"

"Lareina merges the world that Carol Buhler has created with the issues found in today’s reality. It follows the research of Dr. Isol Wood [sic], looking for a cure for Diabetes. His mother suffers from Type 1 and Ms. Buhler describes her condition well and the frustration that Dr. Wood suffers from being unable to find a cure.
Then there is Lareina, a fruit that is consumed by the native population, the Don, who are apparently immune to disease and extraordinarily long lived. The Don credit their robust health and longevity to the regular consumption of Lareina but aren’t able to precisely document the reason why.
So the story develops into the tale of conflict between natural and modern medicine. Dr Woods refuses to believe that “a simple fruit juice” could have curative powers and fights the assertion with a fanatical zeal. Meanwhile, his mother begins to consume Lareina on a regular basis, with a remarkable improvement in her health.
The story focuses on this development, and the challenges faced when research cannot provide a cure, while the evidence mounts as to the benefits of Lareina. Ms. Buhler provides continuity in the Chronicles with some previous characters of her books who become deeply involved in this debate. Then there is Claire, who develops from child to adulthood in this book, and provides some insight into life growing up in a world of two very different humanoid species.
Ms. Buhler includes romantic entanglements, a battle between big pharma and natural medicine, a new culture on another continent that believes in living a lifestyle linked to nature and using Lareina, (or Pahl as they call it) products as an integral part of their lifestyle.
Ms. Buhler packs a lot into this volume of the Lillith Chronicles, and is able to blend modern issues with her characters in a way that makes for a smooth reading experience without spoiling the story that she is telling."

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