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Book 6 of the 14 book Lillith Chronicles series.

Royal Fem Saradon rejects her Council selected fiancé for she's fallen in love with his best friend, the black sheep of the don.

With her reeth-mate and Consort at her side, she refuses to be the bideable figurehead expected and fights to craft her life to her own preference. Interfering in politics as usual, she forces the old guard to recognize the value of her ideas and leads femm of all ages in battle for their long denied rights.

Inspired by Saradon, elderly Airledon rebels against her expected role of gentle, helpless widow. She sets out to create a more fulfilling life, encouraging other widows to back Saradon and demand possession of their own holdings rather than being relegated to their sons' “care and control”.

Even four-year-old, precocious Wynnadon lands in the middle of the Femm firestorm as she tries to find her place in a society that must now blend don, reeth, and human lifestyles.

This novel of the Lillith Chronicles is best enjoyed if a reader has an acquaintance with the world of Gareeth and its three different species.

Readers have said:

"This book shows the Fem side of the story. Saradon is a Royal Fem and the Don Council is prepared to marry her to one of the prestigious Don, but she refuses. She has fallen in love with his best friend. She is strong willed and sets out to get her own way. She is mind-melded with a Reeth and the two of them set out to make their mark on the planet. Other Fem are introduced or expounded on in this book also.I am really enjoying this series."

"I love the Lillith Chronicles and this is another in the series. A very good book."


"The characters are so easy to know and relate to. I have actually cried when certain events happened because they touched me so deeply."


"I have read all of Carol Buhler's books and I love that we get the female perspective in this book and see events happening from several frames of reference. A great read!"

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