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Book 11 of the 14 book Lillith Chronicles series.

Three short stories, one novella, one super short.

Widowed Keradon finds love in old memories. A short story.

Having never been away from home, Kera's brother Samdon and his reeth-mate Coccyon go on a diplomatic mission to firm up boundaries between the new city-state of Center and the human city-state of Farr. He finds a charismatic Lord and his four children to make friends with while solving various problems in the local palace. Are he and his mind-mate to old to find new love? A novella.

Josi Real leaps at the chance of happiness with the retired majordomo of Pith, Samdon's co-diplomat in Farr. A short story.

Taldon and his ambassadorial team don't fare well on their similar mission to Lorn. A short story.

Funeral: a poignant short short.


Readers have said.

"Can the Reeth and Don work with the humans to make their planet a better place? Will their efforts be accepted by the 3 species there? What are their fears and what are their strengths? Read this collection for more insights into this planet."

"Carol Buhler writes stories that keep you wondering how they're going to turn out right to the end. She deals with themes that are highly relevant in the U.S. today--the separation of society into "us" and "them," racism, intolerance, and points a way forward for us that is eminently reasonable, compassionate and enlightened."

"Like all the others in this series, this is a very good book."

"Farr tells of 2 human cities that the indigenous species, both the Equine Reeth and the Humanoid Dons, wish to negotiate with for borders and trade.
"On the one hand, there is Farr, whose leader is both reasonable and understanding, and the interactions between species proceeds smoothly. There is friendly negotiations on drawing the borders, and romantic interests that thread their way through the story.
"Then there is Lorn, whose leadership is portrayed as having some of the hostile and antagonistic behaviors that caused the Reeth to use their telepathic abilities to hide themselves from human awareness for hundreds of years. The political maneuvering and machinations she describes reflect the court intrigue found in the City-States of old, with unfortunate consequences."

"I was able to read the book in a day, it kept my interest with curiosity as to “what happens next”? She has a fun description of the apprehension of riding in aircraft for the Don’s, who are used to air travel by flying on their winged Reeth-mates, which they consider much safer.
"This is a relaxing book to enjoy on a quiet evening by the fire or a lazy afternoon, a time to enjoy the tapestry of the world that Carol Buhler has created."

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