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Book 3 of the 14 book Lillith Chronicles Series.

Descendants of space colonists from Earth collide with telepathic natives on a world they thought was their own!

Four hundred years earlier, humans colonized Gareeth, an Earth-like planet, making the major continent their home.

Then, Lord Metz' daughter and heir is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding by a supposedly mythical being. When contacted for an exchange of prisoners, Metz and his people are shocked to learn they haven't been alone on Gareeth all those years. It turns out that the don and reeth of children's stories are indeed real, although they've hidden themselves for centuries behind illusions.

Don are humanoid: tall, incredibly strong, and fast. Dangerous? Reeth are winged-horse-like creatures with unknown mental abilities who can apparently control human actions.

Why have they revealed themselves now? Will any human survive the encounter?

Readers have said:

“Carol show [sic] us the human side of Gareeth in this book, a completely different aspect of the astonishing events occurring on the planet. Delightful read!”​

“...we become convinced we understand their [the characters] motivations completely...until the passage ahead takes a sudden turn, seemingly off the cliff, forcing us to grasp at coattails to follow along.”

“Encounters could be read on its own, but is best appreciated if read in sequence. The stories of Encounters weave seamlessly with those in Emergence (the Don and Reeth perspective), adding depth and insight."


"Lillith is one devious Reeth. Her plot to bring the Don and Reeth into human contact is outlined by the very perceptive Professor Georg Gammell, Lord Metz’ best friend, when contemplating the events one evening with Lord Metz.”

“…this story jumps right in. If you haven't read the first book, this fantasy will be a bit confusing. However, if you have, this is a delightful read."

"Am really into the story and characters at this point and am really looking forward to the next book! I especially enjoy the horse aspect of the story ~ I can picture the reeth in my mind and they're BEAUTIFUL! Would love to meet Lillith." 

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