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Book 2 of the 14 book Lillith Chronicles.

Lillith and Joedon, from two radically different but telepathically linked species, must confront the human colonizers who invaded their world.

For hundreds of years on lush, earth-like Gareeth, intelligent, winged, horse-like beings known as reeth have been loving and infinitely patient with the humanoid don they’ve shared the world with. The gentle beings doted on their don mind-mates, helping maintain tempers, sharing hopes and dreams, and devoting their lives to support don endeavors.

Then, colonists from Earth arrived seeking to build new homes. Reeth and don welcomed them, extending aid and friendship. For many years, things went well, but human history repeats itself, even in the far distant future. Individuals began to covet their neighbors' holdings which lead to war. Lillith’s and Joedon’s ancestors went into hiding and wiped all memory of their existence from human minds.

In EMERGENCE, three centuries later, Lillith needs help that only the humans can provide to save don and reeth from extinction. With half their own population terrified by past human atrocities, Lillith still forces her mind-mate Joedon into a situation that reveals their existence to the settlers.

Her fear? Once contact is made, will the settlers help, or seek to enslave her people as they'd tried to do before?

Readers have said:


“…compelling vision for cooperation between and within species. Liked this a lot!”

“Mistrust and segregation have long been a part [sic] society as we know it, and I found this story to reflect those thoughts. I enjoyed how the author found ways to overcome those prejudices.”

…a more important message handed down in Emergence then it is probably that we are all actually interdependent.”

“The Reeth, an alien race capable of mindmelding with another sentient race, has over the centuries evolved with the Don into a symbiotic relationship that benefitted each other.

“With a third race now on the same planet, Garador (or a.k.a. Gareeth) this relationship is endangered for the perceived volitility of the humans.

“Yet the Don's [sic] are in a decline as their race increasingly becomes a barren race unable to sustain life.

“But perhaps contact, even surreptitiously, with the humans, may provide an answer to this conundrum. But dare the Reeth do so considering the disastrous past they had with the humans? Despite heavy Don opposition?”

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