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Femm Rebel

“I will not marry Cousin Joedon,” proclaimed Royal Femm Saradon, “no matter what the Speaker’s Council wants!”

In defiance (and for love), she marries the black sheep of the don, her cousin’s best friend.

And then, she refuses to be the mere figurehead expected and continually interferes in politics as usual.


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Human doctor Isol James is determined to find a cure for the diabetes killing his mother.

After all, the don, intelligent natives of the planet, seem to have innate immunity to all human diseases.

Then, new friends close to the don introduce his mother to a potential cure, which he vehemently rejects.

“Nothing 'natural' can cure diabetes," he claims.

What if the potent fruit known as Lareina isn't really natural?


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A monstrous metal object plummeted onto their front meadow and started a fire.

Joedon and his mind-mate Aarnyon elect to deal with the known threat: put out the fire that endangers their families and the essential reeth grazing land. If they survive that struggle, they'll deal with the thing that fell from the heavens.

When friendly beings similar to himself announce they've come to colonize his planet, Supreme Don Joedon can't just make a snap decision. What are his options to save his world from those who admit they've destroyed their own?

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Box Set 1

On the future and far-away world of Gareeth, telepathic, winged mare Lillith shockingly mind-melds with the newborn Supreme Don heir.


But, when his father dies, he refuses the leadership role, leaving their people rudderless in a time of peril.


She tricks him into a daring contact with the war-mongering human colonists to get help only they can provide. That action leads to war involving the entire settled continent.


Can a working relationship occur or will the three species kill each other off?


Meanwhile, Pildon is determined to stop the integration and is willing to try anything. His hatred and jealousy lead don factions against one another while a small group of humans secretly attempt to solve the medical problem leading don to extinction.


The set contains the core novels of the Lillith Chronicles: Lillith, Emergence, Encounters, and Revelations.