A wealthy, powerful man forces the defense attorney in a high profile murder case to take on his newly-graduated debutant daughter as an associate with surprising results all around.

Book 5 of The Lillith Chronicles

This stand alone short story  provides early background on Bonami and Gladys Jeffs.

Reads well just just after Encounters.




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Widowed Keradon finds love in old memories. 

Samdon and Coccyon go on a diplomatic mission to the human city-state of Farr. He meets a charismatic Lord and his four children. But he's too old to fall in love, isn't he?

Josi Real leaps at the chance of happiness with the retired majordomo of Pith, Garard.

Taldon and his team don't fare well on their mission to Lorn, thwarted at every point by a hidden adversary.

A novel and three short stories that develop  support characters in the other novels.

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At the age of 10, Laird takes over the responsibility of his younger brother when his destitute mother dies.

The boys already know much of living amid the poor streets of Bonn, and of thieving to stay alive. As young men, after gaining book learning of a sort, the pair open a successful, semi-legal investigation agency.

Then, they tangle with a vicious gangster. It’s a confrontation that severely changes both their lives.

The world is Garador, earth-like in many ways. The time is the far distant future. And revenge demands a heavy toll.

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