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Book 10 of the 14 book Lillith Chronicles series.

Four-year-old Lilliod is the troublesome toddler version of a respectable reeth family. He refuses to listen and often escapes parental or sibling supervision to explore his world on his own terms. Smaller than most his age, he insists on not being treated like a baby.


Then, he disappears. Rescued by a deaf teenager whose sole responsibility is to tend the sheep with his sheep dog Doc, Lilliod instantly bonds with the human and together they hide from Caleb’s family who might cage Lilliod—or make Caleb give up the only friend he’s ever had.


They are, eventually, returned to their families. Their troublesome natures continue to plague everyone around them as they grow and mature. They each face life-threatening surgeries, prejudice of the murderous kind, religious intolerance aimed at destroying them and their families, and exploration of exotic, possibly deadly new lands.


Will they survive? Will they thrive? Will they still be friends when all is said and done?


The world is Garador where the dominant species, the Reeth, and their mind-mates, the Don, struggle to work with Humans to live together without killing one another.


Lilliod is a lovable rogue who wants to prove he is the special being everyone says he is. Caleb is totally deaf and dependent on Lilliod to share the world with him. And the dog, Doc, just wants to play, as the three of them face challenge after challenge on their way to adulthood.


This is fantasy adventure for young adult through adult readers. This novel would be best enjoyed if the reader is acquainted with the world and residents of Gareeth, but can be enjoyed as a stand alone.