Four Yon experience the growing pains of dealing with their newly-unrestricted world.

LILLYON re-evaluates his training as well as his life-goals.

MEMMYON undertakes a hazardous trek to a new continent.

LILLAIR pioneers a new type of relationship between reeth and don.

MARRAIR's courtship takes a turn for the worst.

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The Reeth Tetrology


9 Mar.jpg


After a volcanic eruption on the newly discovered East Continent, BELLE, SISSITH, LILLITH, POLLITY, and their companions set out to search the unknown continent for their friend's missing family.

They find more than they bargained for: dangerous wildlife, fantastic landscapes, ravenous pseudo-relatives, and some answers to their questions.

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Volumes of the Reeth series part of the Lillith Chronicles, are science fiction for young adult to adult readers. They are best enjoyed read in order.


Dear Father

A series of poignant letters that explain how Reeth, Don, Pulsaras, Merlyn, and Lareina came to be on Gareeth.


Book 9 of the Lillith Chronicles


This story follows and amplifies MAR, Book 8 of the Lillith Chronicles. It also answers a number of questions from other novels in the series.

11 Lilliod Caleb & Doc.jpg

Lilliod, Caleb & Doc

Four-year-old reeth Lilliod scandalizes everyone by mind-melding with a human!

As he and Caleb grow and mature, they each face life-threatening injuries, prejudice of the murderous kind, religious intolerance aimed at destroying them and their world, and exploration of exotic, possibly deadly new lands.

Will they survive? Will they thrive? Will they still be friends when all is said and done?

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